Four reasons to use a real estate agent when buying a new construction home.

0111_Realtor Stiffler1. Purchase Agreement. Real estate agents offer their expertise with reviewing a builder’s paperwork to ensure the home buyer’s best interest is met and interprets the contract for the home buyer.

2. Sales price. Real estate agents will ensure you’re paying the appropriate price based on a market analysis and provide valuable insights on the new construction industry. They will also work with the builder on the final sales price as builders are less inclined to negotiate the price if the home buyer has no representation.

3. Saving money. It is a common misconception that not using a real estate agent when buying new construction will save you money. It’s actually a completely free service for the home buyer. The builder is responsible for paying the commission on the sale of new construction to the real estate professional.

4. Experience. A real estate agent may already have relationships with builders and have an understanding of the market, ultimately saving the home buyer time. Also, a well-connected agent can be a great resource for mortgage brokers and homeowner’s insurance referrals.


2 Responses to “Four reasons to use a real estate agent when buying a new construction home.”

  1. I dont think that Realtors are allowed to review contracts that are not promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.


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